1. Abs After 40 Review: The Nutritional Fitness Program That Balances Male Hormones

    abs after 40 reviewAbs after 40 is a comprehensive nutrition and workout program that is designed to assist men in their 40’s and older to get six pack abs. The program consists of the following:

    - Workout program customized for men over forty so as to regenerate production of hormones.
    - Exercises with compound activities using free weights.
    - A nutritional program that balances the male hormones.

    Abs After 40 Broken Down Into 3 Phases

    Stage 1: Fat loss jump start
    Just as suggested by the name, this phase is all about restarting the ability of the body to burn fats. This phase is important since once in your mid-twenties, your body’s testosterone production levels decline, and so is the ability of your body to burn fats. Therefore, it’s advocated that you exercise in an entirely different way as compared to when you were young. During this phase a change in diet is crucial to improving hormone levels and fat burning. The types of exercises that you do during this phase should not include long cardio sessions or other vigorous exercises that can lead to injuries.

    Stage 2: Male hormone optimisation
    This step involves all about restoring your body’s testosterone production to the desired levels that you used to enjoy. This phase not only burns your body fats, but it also increases your sex drive tremendously.

    Stage 3: Fat burning autopilot
    This is the phase where you begin to see the fruits of your hard labor. Once the body hormones are fully balanced, you will start to speed up and those abs that you had actually died for become a reality.

    The Good And Bad On Abs After 40

    — Abs after 40 is a natural technique of increasing the production of testosterone meaning that it is 100% safe. With this program, you do not need any testosterone replacement therapy.

    — The exercises in this program look after your joints. The workouts are customized in a manner that you are not involved in vigorous activities that may lead to injury and thus affect your program.

    — Ample nutrition advice is included since working out, and nutrition for a perfect body go hand in hand.

    — Well with this program, the only disadvantage will be your approach to the training plan. Once you accept that you have aged a bit, and you are ready to follow the program, you will have perfect results.

    The majority of men with 40+ years really wish to have a working out plan that can suit them.

    Don't Let These Obstacles Get In The Way Of Your Training

    - Lack of time
    - Increased Stress
    - Increased responsibilities
    - Poor nutrition
    - Lack of energy
    - Lower testosterone

    All these or some of these factors integrated together will literally demoralize a person from working out at an age of 40+ years. However, it is prudent fro one to not that as age catches up, it means that you should also keep up with a recommended working out plan that will keep you healthy and not prone to ...